Pushing the traditional boundaries of abstract expression


and release your expectations




Collector lovin's

An absolutely beautiful and amazing display of such a unique style of art. You can really feel the emotion that goes into each painting. Looking at each piece of art your eyes are drawn to follow each stroke allowing your mind to wander and slip through the many layers of the paintings. I am inspired by the creativity and beauty of each piece.

Josh L.

Wow wow wow! That’s what I have to say about this artist. You can truly see her passion and amazing creativity in every single piece she makes. All different and all unique. So excited to finally have an original hanging up for all my friends to see

Ashley C.

I met this local artist at the Kennesaw Farmer's Market. Her work is bright, beautiful and bold, just like herself. Not shy with the brush, these paintings are thick and bursting with color! To me they provide a feeling of excitement, hope and curiosity. I have really enjoyed following her on instagram. Sabrina's positive messages and beautiful art really brighten my day. This is a Local Legend in the making.

Seth G.

I absolutely adore the one of a kind magnets, ornament and prints I have gotten from Sabrina! Everything is so unique, and just my style!

Baileigh G.

I have an original piece from Sabrina hanging on my wall and it totally brightens up my day whenever I look at it! Absolutely love all of her artwork!

Lauren F.

I cannot explain the amount of time, patience, love, and meticulousness that goes into every piece this artist creates. I got to experience how a piece is made and a full day at a pop-up shop where she was so genuine and personal with each and every one of her customers. I am the owner of one of her pieces and I send all of my brides and clients to her when they are looking for amazing work.

Rebecca M.

This artist is truly one of a kind. Her work with patterns and layering is my favorite. Be sure to get your original piece or prints!! Can’t wait to hang mine in my house

Haley B.



When it comes to art, sometimes bigger is better and definitely more fun! Sabrina offers custom mural paintings for businesses, residences, and public spaces.



Aside from creating artworks of all sizes for her own shop, Sabrina also creates vibrant custom designs and products for brands. 



Love Sabrina's artwork but desire a particular color palette, size, or style for your home or business?  Sabrina works 1-on-1 with clients to create custom acrylic paintings on canvas, wood or ornaments.